Long chemin parcouru par la grâce d’Allah le tout puissant le tout miséricordieux un rêve qui devint réalité, I’m blessed 🙏🇲🇱🙌

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Firts steps

Originally from Mali, Mohamed Lamine Sissoko, better known under the diminutive of “Momo Sissoko”, was born in France on January 22, 1985 in Mont-Saint-Aignan (Seine Maritime). He grew up in La Chapelle-Saint-Luc in the Troyes conurbation before taking his first steps as a football player at ESTAC.

At AJ Auxerre to reveal

It is at the club of the AJ Auxerre that his career takes a professional turning point. After joining the training center, he started playing for the 16-year-old with the reserve team and scored 50 goals in two seasons. Even if he had never played with the first team before, his name begins to circulate and he gets noticed on the Spain side.